What time does service start?
We offer two identical services at 9:00 and 11:00 am.
Where do I go?
We have fantastic volunteers at every door to welcome you and help you find your way! Just look for the folks wearing badges. (Actually, they will be on the lookout for you!)
We have children/teens. Do they come into the service with us?
Our greeters can direct you to check-in for nursery or KidMin for kids through the 5th grade (KidMin is highly rated among our little ones, and yours will love it too!)—or you can bring them with you into the service. Either way, we are excited you brought your little ones! If you have teens, they can stay with you in service.
We have children with special needs. Is there a place for us?
Yes! Just let our team members know of any special needs, dietary restrictions, etc. We are still learning how to best serve special needs families. Many such families are part of our church and we have learned much from them. We look forward to learning together with you as well!
How should I dress?
We have folks show up in business suits, and others in shorts (though not so much in the winter! Brrrrrrrr!) Our pastors dress casually when they teach (Pastor Joel may have ridden in on his motorcycle, and he doesn’t do that wearing a tie!) Dress in the way that is most comfortable for you.
What is the service like?
We worship together through prayer, reading Scripture, and music. Our worship team is made up of highly talented artists who love to use their gifts to serve Jesus. Our messages are driven by Scripture, and practically applied to our lives. A typical worship experience at Covenant lasts about an hour and 15 minutes.
What if I'm not a Christian?
Well, that’s also true of a sizeable portion of those who join us every Sunday! Come and bring your questions, your suspicions, and your doubts. You will be loved, no matter who you are! If you are unfamiliar with the Scriptures, you can follow along on the screens. Our pastors also help us find Scripture passages when they teach if you want to follow along with your own Bible (and if you don’t have a Bible, just ask a team member for one, and take it home with you!)
What is your position on...?
We encourage you to read our statement of faith. Beyond that, you will find lots of different viewpoints among our people. We are culturally, ethnically, and politically diverse. Everyone is welcome here, and everyone is challenged here. This is how we grow together!
Do I need to give during the offering?
No. The offering is for those who are part of our Covenant family to support our ongoing work in our community and around the world, and guests are never expected to contribute. But we would appreciate you filling out a Connect Card (it will be in your program) and dropping that in the offering when it passes at the end of the service. It helps us get to know you better, and pray for you specifically (and we don’t share your information with anyone!)